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About Us

The company has also established associations with some of the leading trade bodies in the country and is also a part of the group which is a member of ECGC, Federation of Indian Export Organizations, Engineering Export Promotion Council, Confederation of Indian Industries and FICCI.

The company remains consistent in its commitment and performance to actively improve its products standards, ensure timely deliveries, after sales service and client satisfaction.

Apex Shears strives to become Total Tooling Solutions Company.

Manufacturing Excellence

With strict quality control systems maintained throughout all the stages of production, in-built facilities for all types of testing like mechanical, non-destructive, metallurgical and ultrasonic, we are able to manufacture high quality products that score well in this competitive domain.

We also provide custom tailoring facility which helps us in managing difficult tasks and specific applications which our competitors cannot. We also render services relating to roll-conditioning/saw/machine knife and re-grinding which makes these better in combination with heat treatment capabilities to improve the strength and increase the life of the product.  

In addition, we can also develop any kind of machine knife for any requirement or application like leather manufacturing, food processing, commercial paper manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, electronics manufacturing, printing publishing etc.

We are specialists in making these products using different material. We usually use High Speed Steel, High Alloy Carbon Steel, High Carbon High Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel but can also easily handle other material like Special Alloys, Super Alloys and other non-standard material. We start our quality check right from the procurement of raw material from the supplier. APEX is the only known knife manufacturer who is importing its raw material from ISO 9000 certified vendors based in Europe.

Our decades of experience and related knowledge of manufacturing technology and material along with traditional skills in the realm of grinding, heat-treatment, machining and straightening enables us to help our clients upgrade quality of their product to achieve less downtime, longer life and enhanced productivity.

We are competent of handling odd sizes as well as complex geometry. Throughout the years, we have manufactured knives of even short sizes of 6.35 mm and long of 5 meters.

This set up is a testimony to our long list of satisfied clients from India, Europe, America, South Africa, South Asia, The Middle East and more.

Products Catered to Different Industries

Metal Working Industry

  • Metal Shearing Blades & Knives
  • CR/HR Metal Slitting Cutters
  • Hot Cutting Circular Saw Blades up to Dia: 2.5 metres
  • HSS Segmental Saw Blades and HSS Segments
  • Flying/Friction Circular Saw Blades
  • Forming Rolls

Paper / Tissue Industry

  • Slitting Knives
  • Circular Slitting Knives
  • Coil Slitting Knives
  • Paper Slitting Knives
  • Paper Rewinding Knives
  • Simplex/Duplex Sheet Cutter Knives
  • Top & Bottom Slitter Knives
  • Complete Knife Assemblies

Packaging / Carton Industry

  • Razor Blades for Carpet Cutting etc.
  • Corner Cutters, Industrial Razor Blades.
  • Cutting Blades for the Photographic Industry
  • Cutting Blades for the Plastic Film, Tape Industry
  • Custom blades

Wood Working Industry

  • Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw Blades.
  • HSS 6%, 18%, Tool Steel, Tungsten Carbide inlaid and solid Planer Blades
  • HSS M2/Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Back Knives
  • Panel Raising Tungsten Carbide Thin Reversible Knives and Disposable Inserts
  • Flakers, OSB Knives, Peeling Knives, Slicer Knives, Jointer Knives, Clipper Knives etc.

Rubber Industry

  • Knives & Blades
  • Vent Trimming Knives
  • Bias Cutter Blades
  • Auto Skiver Blades
  • Skier Blades

Textile / Cloth Industry

  • Knives
  • Blades

Leather / Footwear Industry

  • Bell Knives.
  • Band knives for Leather Splitting
  • Shaver & Fleshing Machine Knives

Food Processing Industry

  • Circular Meat Slicer Knives, Chicken/Fish Cutting Blades
  • Fish/Meat/Carcass Cutting/Splitting Bandsaw Blades
  • Blade Slicing Knives
  • Fish Skinning Knives
  • Punching Blades for the Fish Canning Industry


  • After Sales Service
  • Regrinding Service
  • Network


Some of eminent clients are:

  • M/S Jindal Stainless Ltd.
  • M/S Bhushan Steel Ltd.
  • M/S Essar Steel Ltd.
  • M/S JSW Ltd.
  • M/S Usha Martin Ltd.

Our Strengths

  • Top of the line products
  • Qualitative Approach
  • Long List Of Satisfied Clients
  • Dexterous Team
  • Minimum Prices

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